Glass Bead Childhood Indispensable Toys

The structure of the Glass Bead is relatively simple, divided into: sphere, ripple, projection; the sphere part directly draw the shape, and make the sphere effect with the layer style; the corrugated part also draws the graphic, and then the layer style makes the relief effect; Projection and condenser effects need to be drawn manually.

Glass Glass Bead are an indispensable toy for many people's childhood, but the highest level of playing Glass Bead is not how much you have finally won, but your Glass Bead are not cool enough.

Glass Glass Bead in our generation childhood childhood indispensable toys (accidentally exposed young ... ...), but the highest level of playing Glass Bead is not how much you finally won, but your ball is enough Cool.

These beautiful and beautiful glass Glass Bead are very complicated, and a small glass ball is carved out of the solar system and the whole galactic universe, and it really tests the artist's craft. The planets inside the glass balls are made of cat's eyes and pure gold fragments, and then pull the colored glass out of the shape of the planet by high temperature, as if the whole universe was moving and moving.

The size of these glass Glass Bead and ordinary beads almost the same, each glass Glass Bead also specifically designed the rings, you can wear chains into pendants, can also be made into other exquisite little gifts, think about all cool. If given to a girlfriend, will make her eyes bright. And eggs, the current market has not been sold, had to wait.