G20: Immune Situations Should Be Avoided To Prevent Unnecessary Obstacles To International Trade

The Minister of Trade and Investment of the Group of Twenty (G20) recently issued a joint statement stressing that the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic should prevent unnecessary obstacles to international trade. On the same day, Saudi Arabia ’s rotating presidency, Saudi Arabia, hosted a special meeting of the G20 Ministers of Trade and Investment by video to discuss the global impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the G20 response. A joint statement issued after the meeting stated that the Ministers of Trade and Investment agreed that emergency measures to be taken in response to the epidemic should be targeted, appropriate, transparent and temporary, to avoid relevant policies from causing unnecessary obstacles to international trade or global The supply chain has a disruptive effect. The statement said that the G20 is actively working to ensure cross-border movement of key medical supplies and equipment, agricultural products and other basic goods and services. The statement said that the G20 will immediately take necessary measures to facilitate related trade in goods and services, and according to different national conditions, encourage increased output through incentives and targeted investment, while preventing excessive profits and price hikes. The statement also said that the G20 expressed concern about the severe challenges faced by workers and enterprises in some industries and will take collective measures to support related enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and their employees. The participating ministers promised that the G20 will continue to work together to promote a free, fair, non-discriminatory, transparent, predictable and stable environment for trade and investment, and to maintain open markets.