Fully Use 5G, VR / AR And Other Means To Hold Cloud Exhibition

According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce issued the "Notice on Innovating Exhibition Service Models and Cultivating New Momentum for Exhibition Industry Development" on April 13. Notification requirements, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the exhibition industry and innovative development, actively create a new platform for online exhibitions, make full use of modern information technology means such as 5G, VR / AR, big data, hold "cloud exhibition", carry out "cloud display", " "Cloud docking", "cloud negotiation", "cloud signing" to enhance the effects of display, publicity and negotiation. The notice mentioned that the innovative exhibition service model is an important measure to accelerate the recovery and development of the industry under the normalization of the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. In order to promote exhibition service innovation, management innovation, business model innovation, accelerate the cultivation of new kinetic energy for the development of the industry, give play to the important role of the exhibition industry in expanding opening to the outside world, increasing social employment, and stimulating consumption growth, etc., and help stabilize the basic foreign trade foreign investment. The relevant matters are notified as follows: 1. Coordinate the normalization of epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of production and production of the exhibition industry; 2. Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the exhibition industry and innovative development; 3. Actively use the exhibition platform to develop international markets; 4. Multi-measures Simultaneously carry out policy support and guarantee.