Flame Resistant Reflective Fabric Has A Higher Biosecurity

Flame Resistant Reflective Fabric The research team invented the method is very simple, just prepared in advance of the hydroxyapatite long nanowire pulp syringe into the ethanol, the rest of the preparation process entirely by the "self-assembly" quickly and automatically. The outstanding advantages of this method are simple, rapid, controllable, environment-friendly and easy to batch preparation, which can effectively solve the problem that the hydroxyapatite super-long nanowires are easy to agglomerate. The ordered direction of the prepared nanowires can be controlled by the direction of movement of the injection needle; the diameter of the nanowires can be controlled by the size of the needle; the length of the nanowires can be made by the supply of the hydroxyapatite super long nanowires Control, theoretically can reach any length. Using the above-mentioned controllable self-assembly strategy, we can further control the hydroxyapatite long nanowire order self-assembly direction, like textile fiber, like woven a variety of orderly structure of flexible refractory products, including gauze Flexible refractory fabric, non-woven fabric flexible refractory fabric, 3-D print specific shape products. Different from the traditional high brittle hydroxyapatite material, hydroxyapatite long nanowires prepared by the nano-rope and its fabric with high flexibility, can withstand any bending folding or even hammer and other destructive tests. In addition, hydroxyapatite has a higher biosafety, is environmentally friendly and does not cause environmental pollution and endanger human health compared to traditional inorganic nonmetallic materials such as asbestos and aluminum silicate fibers. In addition, the new nano-rope and flexible refractory fabric also has a good insulation, high temperature, fire resistance and other properties, is expected to be used in new fire-retardant textiles, such as the production of fire-resistant clothing, can also be used for fire isolation materials, Materials,Flame Resistant Reflective Fabric special medical gauze, skin wound dressings, fractures of bone fractures fixed, bone defect repair, in a number of areas with good application prospects.

Hydroxyapatite is a natural mineral and is the main inorganic component of vertebrate bones and teeth. It has excellent biocompatibility, environment-friendly, high temperature resistance,Flame Resistant Reflective Fabric no burning, and has a wide range of uses in biomedical fields. The vertebrate enamel and bones are made up of highly ordered hydroxyapatite crystals, but this in vivo mineralization process is very slow and usually takes many years, so mimicking the enamel and bone growth process is a huge challenge. In recent years, researchers have used organic molecules, templates or substrates to synthesize hydroxyapatite ordered structural materials, but these synthetic methods have some limitations, for example, the size of the ordered hydroxyapatite ordered structure Smaller, and the removal of hard templates or substrates is likely to cause damage to ordered structures. Due to the difficulty of preparation, large-scale highly ordered hydroxyapatite biomimetic materials are rarely reported. Synthesis of imitated tooth enamel structures close to centimeters of large size hydroxyapatite nanotubes ordered array of materials. The research work is a further development of large-scale highly ordered hydroxyapatite biomimetic materials.

The highly flexible hydroxyapatite ultra-long nanowires are important manufacturing materials for new inorganic refractory papers. Prior to this, the team developed a highly flexible hydroxyapatite long nanowire preparation method to explore the research, successfully Preparation of the length of nearly 1000 microns high flexibility of hydroxyapatite long nanowires The research work is a new type of inorganic refractory paper series of research work is the research team in the successful development of a new type of highly flexible hydroxyapatite Long nanowires refractory paper, a new type of highly effective antibacterial hydroxyapatite long nanometer line of refractory paper,Flame Resistant Reflective Fabric selected front and outer cover papers and hot papers), the new hydroxyapatite long nanowires waterproof refractory paper after another new important Research progress. At present, the research team is focusing on the application of new inorganic refractory paper, the main research work, including special inorganic refractory paper, high temperature label paper, thermal insulation paper, fire-resistant calligraphy paper, functional refractory paper, efficient adsorption filter paper , Bio-medical paper and so on.