Father's Day

Father's Day, as the name suggests, is a festival of grateful fathers. It began in the early twentieth century and originated in the United States. It has been widely spread around the world, and the date of the festival varies by region.

The most extensive date is on the third Sunday of June each year, and 52 countries and regions in the world are on Father's Day on this day. There are various ways of celebrating the festival, most of which are related to giving gifts, family dinners or events.

Officials in mainland China have not established a formal Father's Day. However, the mainland people used to use the third Sunday in June as Father's Day; the Chinese Taiwan Father's Day is August 8. The Father's Day in Taiwan, China, is scheduled for August 8th each year and is also known as the "eight-eighth festival." This is because "Eight Eight" is similar to Dad, and the word "Eight Eight" is spliced together, and it seems to be a "father", so Father's Day is specially scheduled for August 8.

The first Father's Day in the world, born in the United States in 1910, was initiated by Mrs. Dodd (Sonora Louise Smart Dodd), who lives in Spokane, Washington, USA. When he gave birth to his sixth child, he died of dystocia. Mrs. Dodd’s father, Mr. William Smart, participated in the Civil War. After his wife passed away, he was alone in a country in eastern Washington. The farm, taking on the responsibility of raising and educating six children, Mrs. Dodd is the second child in the family. She is also the only girl in the family. The careful characteristics of women make her more able to experience the hard work of her father. Mr. Smart is working hard during the day. Work, go home at night and take care of housework and every child's life. After decades of hard work, the children finally grow up, and when the children hope to make Mr. Smart enjoy their old age, Mr. Smart However, due to years of overwork, he died in 1909.

In the year of Mr. Smart's death in 1909, when Mrs. Dodd attended the Mother's Day Thanksgiving Day, she especially missed her father. Mrs. Dodd understood in her heart the love and hardship that her father had in raising children. No less than any mother, Mrs. Dodd told her to the church's Rev. Rasmus, hoping to have a special day to commemorate the great father of the whole world. Her thoughts were With the approval of the pastor and the support of the church organizations, Mrs. Dodd immediately wrote a letter to the mayor and the state government to express their thoughts, and suggested her father's birthday - June 5th of each year as Father's Day. The Mayor of Spokane and the Governor of Washington State publicly expressed their support. The state government adopted this proposal and changed the festival to the third Sunday in June. On June 19, 1910, Mrs. Dodd’s Washington State, Spoel Kan City held the first Father's Day celebration in the world. In the same time, people from other cities and towns around the United States began to celebrate "Father's Day."

Father's day

On Father's Day, people choose specific flowers to express their respect and thoughts for their fathers. People adopt the advice of Mrs. Dodd, wear red roses to show their love to the father, and wear white roses to express their mourning for the dead father. The custom has been passed down to the present. The dates of Father's Day are different at the beginning, and some places use dandelion as a symbol of Father's Day. In some places, they pay homage to the father with white lilac lined with green leaves.

In 1924, US President Coolidge expressed support for the proposal to establish a national father's day. In 1966, President Johnson signed a presidential announcement, announcing that the third Sunday of June of that year was the Father's Day of the United States. In 1972, US President Nixon signed an official document, which will be 6 per year. The third Sunday of the month was designated as Father's Day in the United States and became the permanent anniversary of the United States.

Father's Day