Chinese Teachers‘ Day

Sept. 10th is Chinese Teachers' Day. 

Teacher's Day is a festival of thanks to teachers. The date of the festivals varies from country to country. The mainland of the People's Republic of China is September 10, and the territory of Taiwan is September 28.

The word has two meanings, "refers to both a social role and the bearer of this role." Teachers in a broad sense refer to those who impart knowledge and experience. In the narrow sense, teachers refer to those who have been specially educated and trained, and who are employed in education (schools) for education and teaching work. In a narrow sense, the teacher is Refers to the special education and training, in the school to pass on human science and culture knowledge and skills to students, develop students' physique, conduct ideological and moral education for students, cultivate students' noble aesthetic taste, and train educators into talents of social needs Professional.

According to the division of labor and the fact that school education is the main form of education, the teacher is defined as: entrusted by the society, exerting a specific influence on the students' mind and body in the school, and training them into the people needed by certain society. Professionals with primary responsibilities.

Respecting teachers and teaching is a fine tradition of China. As early as the Western Zhou Dynasty in the 11th century BC, it was proposed that "the disciples should be the same as the father." Confucius, a great educator in ancient times, left a series of famous sayings such as "teaching without class", "warming the new knowledge", and "learning and learning". The teachers who preached and taught the profession were praised by the Chinese as engineers of the human soul.

In fact, as early as 1932, the Republic of China government had stipulated June 6 as Teacher's Day. After the liberation, the Teacher's Day on June 6 was abolished and the "May 1 International Labor Day" was changed to Teacher's Day, but there was no separate activity in Teacher's Day. The setting of the Teacher's Day on September 10 is based on the consideration of the new school year of the national primary, secondary and primary schools. When the new students enter the school, they can create a good atmosphere for the teachers to teach and the students to learn. On September 10, 1985, China resumed the establishment of the first Teacher's Day. Since then, teachers have had their own festivals to celebrate Teacher's Day and grateful teachers.

Teachers' Day