China International Trade Fair For Apparel Fabrics And Accessories

We are going to attend China International Trade Fair for Apparel Fabrics and Accessories in Shanghai from Sept. 25th to Sept. 27th.

China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Expo was founded in 1995. Since its inception, it has been adhering to the principles of professionalism and trade, as well as the purpose of serving exhibitors, serving the industry, and serving the market. The focus of the Expo is on the organization of professional visitors, the transmission of the latest international popular information, and the promotion of substantive trade. In terms of cooperation and cooperation, the Expo has developed rapidly and the effect is remarkable. At the same time, the fair has also been well received by exhibitors, visitors and industry professionals.

The China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Expo was held in Shanghai in October each year and then expanded to Shanghai in March and October in Shenzhen in July and Shenzhen in July. The exhibition area has been expanded from the first 4,000 square meters in 1995 to 260,000 square meters in the twenty-second session in 2016. The number of exhibitors has also increased from more than 100 in the first 12 countries and regions to 2016. More than 4,600 of the 29 countries and regions. These growing figures indicate a development that means deeper recognition of exhibitors at home and abroad. As the world's largest professional surface accessories exhibition, the intertextile fabric exhibition has witnessed the rapid development of China's textile and garment industry for more than 20 years.

China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Expo is currently the world's largest exhibition of apparel fabrics and accessories. The exhibition provides a one-stop shopping platform for apparel manufacturers, trading companies, importers, retailers, retailers, chain stores and other fabric buyers to display all kinds of apparel fabrics and accessories, widely used in formal wear, shirts, women's wear, functional / sportswear, Casual wear, denim and other clothing. China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Expo is not only a high-quality platform for purchasing the latest fabrics and accessories, but its fashion trends and seminars provide design inspiration for the next season's fashion trends.

The more mature intertextile will continue to strengthen trade relations between China and the textile industry in the world, expand international exchanges and cooperation between industries, and strive to promote the development of China's textile industry and market prosperity.