How Will The Closure Of Border Ports By Many Countries Affect China's Foreign Trade?

Currently, many countries are restricting flights / trains / ships, closing all or part of border crossings, or strengthening quarantine. How will it affect China's foreign trade? The spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce peaked on the 9th. The impact was mainly reflected in the slowdown of international logistics, the increase in the cost of customs clearance of goods, the obstruction of business transactions and business negotiations, etc., which led to greater difficulty for companies to fulfill contracts and obtain orders. At a regular press conference held by the Ministry of Commerce on the 9th, a reporter asked: According to statistics, as of April 1, a total of 124 countries (regions) imposed restrictions on flights / trains / ships, and 71 countries (regions ) Closing all or part of border crossings or strengthening quarantine, 179 countries (regions) have imposed restrictive measures on personnel. How much impact will these restrictive measures have on China's foreign trade? How will the Ministry of Commerce help foreign trade companies deal with these problems? Gao Feng also said that the Ministry of Commerce will further strengthen communication and coordination with trading partners, promote cooperation among countries, lift unnecessary control measures, and ensure the global supply chain is open, stable, and safe. At the same time, it will actively take effective measures with relevant departments to help enterprises solve problems such as poor logistics, give full play to the role of cross-border e-commerce and other new formats and models, support enterprises to actively take orders through online negotiations, online exhibitions, etc. Establish international marketing networks and overseas warehouses in key markets.