Britain And Europe Restart Negotiations On Trade Relations After Brexit

According to foreign media reports, the negotiators of the United Kingdom and the European Union started a week-long video consultation on the 20th to discuss the relationship between the two countries after the Brexit, including trade issues. An analysis pointed out that while the new crown epidemic continues, the possibility of the UK applying for an extension of the "Brexit" transition period is also increasing. Michelle Barnier, the EU ’s chief negotiator in charge of Britain ’s “Brexit” affairs, said after the start of the consultations, the two parties must advance the negotiations in all areas and strive for substantive progress. In the first round of negotiations that began in March, the differences between the UK and the EU remained great. Subsequently, the epidemic intensified and the consultation between the two sides was temporarily suspended. According to Agence France-Presse, the UK hopes to reach a series of agreements in the fields of fisheries, commodities, aviation, law and energy, but the EU hopes to reach a comprehensive agreement. Barnier held a video conference with David Frost, the chief representative of the UK's "Brexit" negotiations last week, and issued a joint statement announcing that the two parties will start on April 20, May 11 and June 1. A total of three rounds of video conferences are held within a week. The statement said that the goal of both parties is to "make tangible progress" by June of this year, at which time a high-level summit will be held to determine whether it is possible for the negotiations to be successful before the end of the UK's "Brexit" transition period on December 31 this year. Some analysts pointed out that these consultations will be extremely important because the UK needs to decide in June whether to apply for an extension of the "Brexit" transition period.