As Expected, Johnson Will Take Over As Prime Minister Of The UK

The former British foreign minister defeated the current foreign minister with an overwhelming advantage and was elected the party leader of the ruling Conservative Party.

  Former British Foreign Secretary and former mayor of London, Boris Johnson, was elected as the leader of the ruling Conservative Party on the 23rd. After the approval of the Queen of England, he will replace Teresa May, who had previously announced his resignation, to become the new prime minister of the United Kingdom.

  The results announced on the 23rd showed that Johnson won nearly two-thirds of the votes, overwhelmingly defeated Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and became the new leader of the Conservative Party. According to Xinhua News Agency

  “It’s harder for me to be prime minister than to find ‘Elvisor’ (American late rock singer) on Mars.”

  -- Johnson had avoided his political ambitions a few years ago.

  "Brexit" problem

  “No agreement to leave the EU”

  Increased probability

  Johnson has repeatedly stated that he will negotiate with the EU on the new "Brexit" agreement. But the EU insists that it will not negotiate with the UK on the new agreement. The new chairman of the European Commission, Von Delane, also said that if the British government needs more time to convince the parliament, the "Brexit" deadline can be delayed.

  On the whole, it is still difficult for Britain and Europe to negotiate a "Brexit" agreement again before October 31. Therefore, British public opinion generally believes that after Johnson became prime minister, the possibility of "no agreement to leave the EU" increased.

  However, it is not difficult for Johnson to push "no agreement to leave the European Union". This month, the lower house of the British Parliament voted to pass an amendment to explicitly oppose the next prime minister to forcefully promote "no agreement" by adopting a suspension of parliament and in the absence of a new "Brexit" agreement with the EU. Europe".

  On the other hand, British media reported that politicians from Ireland, France, Germany and other countries are secretly contacting Johnson's team and hope to reach a new "Brexit" agreement with the UK to avoid "double exit" caused by "no agreement." "situation.

  The volatility of policy may be one of the characteristics of Johnson's future governance. Johnson often has attitude changes and swings on climate change, illegal immigration and other issues, and sometimes even contradicts himself.

  Simon Asherwood, deputy director of the Department of Political Science in the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom, said in an interview that a major feature of the Johnson administration in the future would be that its policies were unpredictable.

  Secondly, after Johnson is in power, he may only be responsible for the direction of the rudder, and will not be inconspicuous on specific policy issues. People familiar with Johnson say that he is good at planning behind the scenes. British public opinion believes that after Johnson became prime minister, it is very likely that he will hand over specific policy formulation to political consultants and experts in various fields. This is his experience and success in his tenure as mayor of London.

  1964 Johnson was born in New York City.

  In 2001, he became a Conservative Party member and officially opened his career.

  In 2008 he became the mayor of London and was re-elected until May 2016.

  In 2016, he was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs by the then Prime Minister, Teresa May, and resigned in July 2018.

  "alternative" elite

  Johnson was born in New York, United States, with dual British and American nationality, and later abandoned American citizenship. He studied at the famous British school Eton College and Oxford University, and was a close friend with former British Prime Minister David Cameron.

  Johnson has worked as a journalist and editor in media such as The Times and The Daily Telegraph. The eight years of being the mayor of London was the moment of Johnson’s political career. His political achievements are still affecting London and the United Kingdom. His street bike rental project was called "Boris Bike" and some even called the London Olympics "Boris Olympics."

  However, Johnson appears to be "alternative" in the British political circle. He often has no words and no words, and he has offended people including former US President Barack Obama and US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. His personal life has also been raging, and there have been scandals of lying and extramarital affairs. However, those who support him believe that the informal and passionate personality will help him to raise his popularity and create a pro-people image.

  "Brexit" pioneer

  In 2016, the United Kingdom held a "Brexit" referendum. In the speech, Johnson declared that Britain, a member of the European Union, would pay "350 million pounds" a week to the EU, which aroused many British people's strong dissatisfaction with the EU. The move was alleged to mislead the public.

  Some public opinion believes that Johnson has spared no effort to support "Brexit" from the beginning of the referendum, which is one of the main reasons for his victory in the prime minister's position. In the case of "Brexit" and "Toma", the Conservative Party and the British people now hope that there will be a leader who is not afraid of "hard Brexit" to lead Britain out of the dilemma as soon as possible.

  Free trade supporters to China

  During his tenure as mayor of London, Johnson visited China many times. He listened to Peking Opera, visited the Forbidden City, experienced high-speed rail and subway, visited the new airport under construction, and opened a personal Weibo account. When talking with Chinese college students, he said that British people should know China as much as possible. British children will naturally know the importance of China as an East Asian country as they grow older. Therefore, they should also learn Chinese at school.

  Johnson is a supporter of free trade between the two countries. During his tenure as mayor of London, he signed an agreement with Chinese developers to introduce large-scale Chinese-funded infrastructure projects at the Royal Albert Dock in East London to revitalize the old terminal and create a new business district.

  Public opinion believes that after becoming prime minister, Johnson will continue to urge Britain to strengthen its economic and trade cooperation with non-EU countries including China after the "Brexit".