Application Of Reflective Fabric In Clothing Shoes And Bags

Reflective fabric used in clothing, hats, bags, character and decorative patterns form. Although its products to occupy only a small area, far less common use of fabric, but at night can see distance, greatly improving product safety. Beijing women and children working Committee of childhood unintentional injury prevention intervention project was launched, one of them is wearing reflective tape on the bag, reducing the probability of accidents in children. The project is expected to be extended to primary and secondary school students in major cities nationwide on the clothing, clothing with reflective material 0.10m 2 meter per set, costs just 2~3, and security will be greatly enhanced. According to statistics, in 2009, the number of primary and middle school students in the school for the 190 million people, only the students ' reflective cloth uniforms a year demand will have 38 million square meters, it can be foreseen that considerable amount of reflective material.