American Companies Create Smart Bins: They Can Automatically Pick Up The Trucks On The Roadside

IT Home News American startup Rezzi recently invented a smart trash can - SmartCan. SmartCan was invented by Andrew Murray, founder and CEO of Rezzi, a robot that can be used in the home and has some useful features, not just to accompany people at home. SmartCan will follow a pre-programmed schedule and then automatically drive itself to the roadside garbage collection point on the garbage collection day, waiting for the garbage truck to remove the garbage, and then it will automatically return to its original location. The reason for this is because SmartCans has a module for navigation. In addition, SmartCans requires regular charging, so a fixed charging dock is also required. In addition, if you put the trash can behind the locked garage or fence, you still need to remember to open the door ahead of the garbage collection day. (Source: IT House)