After The Trade Friction Between Japan And South Korea, The Two Foreign Ministers Met For The First Time

The bilateral meeting of foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea was held at 8:50 am local time in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the first meeting between the Japanese and South Korean foreign ministers after the trade friction between Japan and South Korea caused by the World War II labor claims.

Japan will hold a state conference on August 2 to decide whether to exclude South Korea from the “white list” of trade. In this context, the meeting between the ROK and Japan foreign ministers on the day before the meeting will not only break the current stalemate, but also attract people's attention.

Judging from the statements made by the foreign ministers of the two countries, South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Jinghe is likely to call on Japan to revoke the ban on South Korean semiconductor raw materials and stop promoting the removal of South Korea from white list countries. The Japanese Foreign Minister, Kono, may advocate the legitimacy of the relevant measures, and will reiterate the "Horse and Japan Claims Agreement" signed in 1965 on the forced labor claim.

Public opinion generally believes that it is unlikely that the Japanese side will lift the sanctions in accordance with the request of the ROK. According to the day of the meeting, Japan and South Korea will each hold a press conference.

Two Foreign Minister met at the first time