10 ATMs Disappeared Every Day In The UK

Cashless trading methods are becoming increasingly popular. According to a survey in the UK, over the past 18 months, the UK has revoked more than 5,000 ATMs that do not charge fees, equivalent to an average of 10 units per day.

The UK Consumer Rights Organization analyzed the data from Link, the UK's largest self-service teller operator, and reached this conclusion. The British "Daily Mail" reported on the 25th that the statistics show that British towns and villages closed an average of 323 free self-service teller machines per month for the past 18 months. Among them, East Midlands revoked the highest proportion of ATMs, canceled 418 units last year; London has the largest number of ATMs, from the previous 10033 to 9,270, but still the highest density of British self-service tellers.

According to the survey, 54% of consumers in remote areas have difficulty obtaining cash. The most affected are small owners, the elderly and some low-income people. In the case of Battletown, the historic town of East Sussex, there is no 24-hour self-service teller machine in the local business district. If consumers need cash, they need to go to Hastings, about 10 kilometers away. Battelle Hugh Merriman therefore called for a new regulation that would force banks to set up at least one free-of-charge self-service teller machine in each business district associated with at least 5,000 people.

The massive cancellation of the networked free self-service teller machine has forced some banks to set up a separate teller machine. According to the survey, in the past six months, the average number of ATMs has increased by 12 per day.