Why reflective material is reflective

Many new customers are curious, they don't understand look inconspicuous 3M film material, when light is reflected as visible light. Revelation principle is not difficult, mainly process is complex. Because glass beads are spherical, due to parallel to the light is similar to light the screen when its exposure to the spherical vertex, angle is very small, part of the light is reflected, another part was demolished after the shooting is reflected, and split shot back into the air again, returns in front of the screen. When light falls onto a spherical vertex outside, angle is large, light will be reflected on the glass beads, some light will be reflected on other glass beads, then is reflected back. Because glass beads are round, the incident also varies, so the return light not light, the effect is equivalent to diffuse, but of a much higher efficiency than the diffuse reflection. So the effect is much better than the white screen.
Reflective material since its launch, public safety has made an enormous contribution to society. With the development of national economy, improving people's living standards, security awareness, reflective materials in the Chinese market in the future will be more widely used.