Wearing reflective vest when getting off car

Regardless of how the car develops, safety is always the top priority. In order to improve the safety of motor vehicles, the state really did not care much. In this issue of the School of Visual Education, what new safety regulations have been introduced in 2018? Many are closely related to your car!

In the latest "Safety Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation" in 2018, there are requirements. When the driver stops on the roadside and gets off the vehicle to check the vehicle, he needs to wear a reflective vest, and the annual inspection has to be checked.

However, the new regulations require cars manufactured after January 1, 2018. Manufacturers must equip the car with a reflective vest. The previous car was not required.

There are still many new regulations in 2018.

For example, all seats in a passenger car must provide a three-point seat belt. In the past, some manufacturers installed a two-point seat belt for the rear seat in order to save costs. The protection ability was much worse.

Also, all power windows must have an anti-pinch function.

For the appearance of the car body, the good news is that the pickup truck does not need to be the same as the truck, and sprays the word on the car body and sticks the reflective bar.

The new national standard also has higher requirements for the safety of new energy vehicles. If there is a leakage, the vehicle must promptly remind the driver and cut off the circuit to avoid a secondary accident. If the battery catches fire, the battery box must be kept for more than 5 minutes without exploding.

In additional, the new energy vehicle has almost no sound when it starts, and it is a little dangerous for pedestrians. The new national standard stipulates that new energy vehicles will sound when they start and the speed is below 20km/h.