the difference between EN20471 and EN471

According to the requirements, the main differences between the new EN ISO 20471:2013 reflective clothing standard and the old EN471:2003+A1:2007 standard mainly include the following seven aspects:

First, the color and brightness requirements should be met after the cleaning cycle;

Second, the dyeing requirements for color fastness to perspiration are changed from 3 to 4;

Third, the tensile strength requirement of the woven material is changed to a minimum of 100 cattle;

Fourth, the breaking strength requirement of the knitted material is changed to at least 100 kPa (50 square centimeter test area) and the minimum 200 kPa (7.3 square centimeter test area);

The fifth is the physical property test of single or multi-layer garments. The breathability index (RET) cannot be greater than 5 square meters per watt. If the air permeability index exceeds 5 square meters Pa / watt, must measure and determine imt ≥ 0.15;

Sixth, there is no distinction between the performance levels of reflective materials, and the requirements are the same as those of EN 471;

Seven is the new logo change.