Silver Reflective Transfer Film

Product details 

Basic information 


Material: PET 

Specifications: 1 * 100m / Roll


Product description Transparent reflective transfer film, silver reflective transfer film, reflective transfer Film printing

Transfer substrate: clothing, fabric, material: reflective, custom processing: yes


Product features: high reflective brightness, good effect, soft hand, three-dimensional, easy to transfer, washable, environmentally friendly


The printed film having the desired pattern is improved on the film screen printing adhesive after drying, hot melt printing, and drying. The printed film is placed on the fabric pattern to press the can. The pressing temperature is about 150 degrees and the time is about 15 seconds (depending on the specific characteristics of the fabric).


Advantages: printing surface level, reflective powder can not afford, do not bite cloth, no indentation, easy to operate, widely used, high relative output, reflective brightness better than 3M, better adhesion.


Detailed description:

Reflective thermal transfer film itself is not light, is a retroreflective effect, in the case of night to form a light source and emit reflected light, can print a variety of LOGO or graphics and then through screen printing, hot melt adhesive can finally pass Special stamping materials for heat transfer.

The production process and principle of the film is that the glass beads are synthesized from the powder material and the PU material through a reflective powder into a finished product, and then coated with a hot melt adhesive film to form a binder and a PET base film.

Principle of reflection: When light illuminates the surface of the bead, since the highly refracting beads are concentrated at a specific focus of the bead of the reflective layer, the reflective layer and the light are reflected back to the nearby light source through the transparent microsphere, so that the light source sees very bright reflected light. It has a retroreflective characteristic and produces a strong reflection effect.

Reflective thermal transfer film combined with PU feels silky soft, pure color, completely covering the original color of the clothing, processing speed, etc., and environmentally friendly, any damage to the body is characterized by reflective powder together, and can be machine printed The complete pattern of heat transfer with heat transfer garments adds special processing materials.

In the dark, reflective graphics can shine. Personalized fashion is also a warning. The product adopts imported raw materials, adopts the most advanced materials and technology, the reflection intensity is measured above 500CPL, the quality reaches EN471-2 standard, the special uniform belongs to the same standard, the reflective effect and durability are high, the quality guarantee, the film changes the tradition. The screen printing method, the screen printing machine will be designed by graphic printing, and the thermal transfer can use a heat transfer machine.