Sewing Quality Standards of Safety Vest

1. Needle distance: The stitch length is 2.8~3 needles/1cm, and the distance between the reflective needles and the sides should not be less than 0.2 cm.

2. Stitch: The stitches are straight and beautiful. There are no broken wires, jumpers and floating wires. There is no double track at the wiring. The wiring is overlapped by 1-2 cm. The needles must have inverted needles.

3, collar, threshold, sleeves: left and right, high and low, long and short symmetrical, the difference is less than 0.3 cm, flat clothes, no wrinkles, no waves, no skewed distortion, the inside alignment is not anti-vomiting.

4, edging: large body, cuffs should be flat, the line is tight, the edge of the joint has 2~3cm overlap, the connection is flat, there is a needle.

5, pocket: accurate position, correct, flat clothes, the size of the mouth is symmetrical, no twist and twist, the difference between the left and right sides of the pocket is less than 0.3 cm, the angle of the bag is round or square, the flap is symmetrical with the mouth of the bag, should cover the positioning hole .

6. Reflective strip: size, model, specification and color are required by the customer or the production instruction sheet. The left and right thresholds are aligned to the left and right, and the front and rear shoulders are aligned. The difference between them is less than 0.3 cm. The positioning holes should be covered. The reflective strip on the front sill is flat, no wrinkles, no waves. The overall reflective strip color should be uniform.

7, zipper: left and right zipper flat clothes, even wrinkle, no open, zipper can not wave.

8, trademark: the back of the back of the back of the center, 2-3cm from the neckline. Or according to customer requirements.

9, tag: content and location according to customer requirements.

10, Velcro / buckle: the threshold of the left and right Velcro / buckle symmetry, length, color and match.

11, other requirements: the whole clothes wireless hair, thread, no dirt, oil stains.