Reflective material widely uses and features

1. Reflection: the reflective material, reflective brightness reflected extremely well, such as the silver-gray reflectance typical reflectance typical cultivation of 700CPL 500CPL white fluorescent yellow reflective plastic film night or in poor visibility conditions supplies the most useful, the most reliable security.
2. wide angle: reflective function not only of the reflective material is superior to the other brands of similar products, and has a wide angle, is a wide angle of light reflective material and appearance when reflective role will still be able to get a good
3. diversity: the reflective characteristics of the materials and use a variety of other products, equipped with a reflective fabric, reflective heat laminating, reflective Word paste film, reflective tape, reflective plastic film, reflective ink, reflective, reflective graphic film and the international safety of life at sea products and other products, and user friendly.
4. durability: reflective material with excellent aging resistance, abrasion resistance and washing resistance. Washing machine was briefly falling series of washing or dry cleaning, you can still insist on more than 75% of the original reflective effect.
5. active: reflective materials can be used in different jobs, different factory service, a very wide range of uses, loose change, suitable for different directions of factory service.