Reflective material properties

Durability: Light fabrics have good abrasion resistance, aging resistance and washability. Can be dry-cleaned or washed, not easy to fall off, after continuous washing, it can still maintain more than 75% of the original reflective effect.

Variety: Reflective fabrics are used to match the uses and characteristics of various other products. They are equipped with reflective heat-sensitive film, reflective cloth, reflective film, reflective ink, reflective plastic film, reflective film, and other products. The various options.

Wide-angle: Reflective fabrics are not only better than other brands of similar products in reflective effect, but also have wide-angle properties, that is, when the light is incident at a great angle from the surface of the reflective fabric, a good reflective effect can still be obtained.

Reflective: Reflective fabrics have excellent reflective brightness. For example, the reflective intensity of silver series products is 500CPL. The reflective intensity of white and fluorescent yellow reflective films is typically 700CPL. It provides the most in poor visibility or poor lighting conditions. Effective, most reliable personal security.

Extensiveness and Flexibility: Reflective fabrics have a wide range of applications, including safety straps and vests, sportswear, jackets, overalls, raincoats, backpacks, shoes and hats, gloves, etc. They can also cut characters or screen printed logos and patterns. In addition, the reflective film series can be directly attached to the surface of leather or cloth.