Reflective material gets better development in the future

Reflective material became more widely used, fashion and everyday life everywhere. Use not reflected in parallel equivalent to the effect of diffuse reflection of light at night and low light places are able to play a good reflective role. Reflective materials such as reflective film manufacturers introduced the use of a variety of materials, the magnitude of its use can be seen.
Rapid development of basic industries in China made rapid progress in reflective material factory, a variety of reflective material product system, in a number of areas are comparable with foreign advanced technology, and started a large number of foreign companies gain market share. It fully explains the reflective material industry has made remarkable achievements in recent years. However inevitably remain relatively weak in the project link needs of industry sectors to increase technical support and research and development, such as in the research and development of high precision and advanced reflective material production and extension of use have not yet reached a satisfactory level, in health and technology, scientific research as well as research and development efforts need to be further improved, supporting reflective material in our country to develop in the future.