Reflective Heat Transfer Label for Clothes

Product details 

Basic information 

transmission method: Direct printing 

method: Thermal transfer 

used for: fabric, bag, cotton, clothing 

technology: screen printing transfer film

Color: can print up to 4 colors in a simple design, or Full

Feature: Mixed printing, high elasticity, strong laundry Resi

Transfer temperature: 150-180 degrees 

Celsius Transfer pressure: 3-6kg 

Pressure time: 5-10s 

tearing method: peeling during cooling: 39 * 54cm 

Application: widely used in printing high EL

Payment method: T / T, L / C, Westem Union

Product describes reflective heat transfer labels


1) The quality is very high and will not fade or chip after dozens of washings.

2) The latest SGS environmental standards are inconsistent

3) It can withstand 40°C warm water rinse for more than 50 times without peeling off.

4) Strong adhesion, bright colors and fading.


Why choose a thermal transfer label?

Some people are worried that their customers will remove labels on the brand.

With heat transfer, your brand can be cleaned dozens of times and several times, no one can tear it off!

In addition, many of our customers use thermal transfer labels to produce graphics and designs on their apparel products.

Baby/baby clothes

If you are making baby clothes, especially for newborns, soft woven or printed labels work well and are often used. If you are really worried that the label will rub the baby's skin, then it is best to use a thermal transfer label.

If you really like the look of the woven label, you can heat transfer in the neck area and woven the label on the exterior.

sport equipment

For sports equipment or sportswear, woven labels can irritate someone's skin during many activities.

Heat transfer labels can eliminate this problem and are very popular with sports equipment manufacturing.

Are there different sizes (S, M, L) placed on the label?

The disadvantage of ordering thermal transfer labels is to distribute orders between different sizes.

Since these labels are screen printed and each design has a plate, each size is considered a brand new order.

If your work has different sizes, please contact your sales representative to find out the type of price offered.

Another option is to purchase a thermal transfer with a logo and purchase a separate small size label to sew on the top seam.