reflective glassbeads

Characteristics of high refractive glass beads

High refractive glass microbeads are the core components for the production of reflective materials and are titanium bismuth oxide synthetic glass. The specific gravity is 4.2±0.1, and the refractive index is ND1.93±0.02. (Ordinary silica glass has a specific gravity of 2.7 and a refractive index of 1.52)

Product specifications and requirements

The appearance of the microbeads is white or slightly yellow, and the roundness rate is ≥95%; the ratio of defective beads is <3%-5%, and the brightness is ≥560 degrees or more.



(1) Exposed type: base fabric or film. The adhesive agent and the reflective layer (coating layer) are characterized in that the microbeads are arranged horizontally in a single layer, and there is no covering in front of the beads, a part of the beads is exposed to the air, and a part is implanted in the adhesive layer. The microbeads are in direct contact with or close to the reflective layer, and have better reflectivity and are suitable for incident wide angle.

(2) Implant type: film or base cloth. Adhesive agent, reflective layer (coating layer) adhesive agent, micro bead layer, resin layer, characterized in that the microbeads are arranged in a single layer, the microbeads are implanted in the adhesive layer, the resin layer is not in contact with air, and the adhesion is Strong, adapt to a wide range of environments.