Reflective film and the Prism film

Two kinds of materials reflected a different mechanism. You cannot increase the brightness of the light Prism film, the same cannot be reflective. Prism film and reflective film products are explained as follows; Used in the bottom of the light box, used to light the lamp. Prism film. the use of diffuse reflection of the light source, thereby increasing the brightness of the light box, top Prism film, credit 30%, Avery Prism film, 4890, added up to 30%, so that uniform light diffusion, outdoor durability 5-7, adhesive for permanent acrylic adhesive, high bond adhesive suitable to the most of the surface of the substrate, UV, moisture and salt spray. > Reflective film. Signs, used in outdoor signs. Use of retro-reflection of the light source, the brightness of the reflected light, so that drivers from far-off places, read the road sign of the earlier text on signs, so as to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, guarantee the safety of drivers.