Quality Standards of safety vest-I

First, the overall inspection (full inspection):

1. Check whether the color, style and size of the garment meet the requirements of the production instruction sheet;

2. Whether the garment fabric has any damage, dirt, color difference or defects;

3. Check whether the reflective strip model, specification, size and color are correct;

Second, the garment front inspection (full inspection):

1. Level the garments and check whether the neckline, sill, sleeve, hem, velcro, zipper or button are symmetrical and waveless; check whether the left and right reflective strips are symmetrical;

2, the line of each part should be flat and firm, no broken lines, jumpers, floating lines, barges, etc., no double track at the wiring, overlap 1-2 cm, the stitch length should not be too dense or too loose, the elastic should be suitable;

3. The joint between the edging and the reflective strip shall be free of distortion and the sewing thread shall have no blast line;

4, the edge of the edge should be inverted more than 3 times, pulling the line;

5, the reflective strip has more than 2cm length and the unrecoverable pinhole should be removed from the heavy seam; the reflective strip can not have obvious dark strips, white spots and other quality problems; the color of the reflective strip should be uniform.

6, if the sill has a zipper, the left and right should be symmetrical, no waves; the upper and lower pulls are unimpeded;

7, if there are pockets, the position should be accurate, correct, flat, the size of the mouth is symmetrical, no skewing, no anti-warping, the difference between the left and right sides of the pocket is less than 0.3 cm, the angle of the bag is round or square, the flap and the mouth of the bag Symmetrical, should cover the positioning hole;