Quality Standard of safety vest

1. Check for wireless hair and thread, and pick up and cut it;

2. If there are broken wires, jumpers, floating wires, barges, etc., it is necessary to make a mark to let the sewing workers rework;

3. Check whether the trademark and washing standard and the specifications are correct, and whether the sewing position is correct;

Fourth, packaging:

1. Check if the size of the PP bag used for packaging is correct;

2. Attach the inspector number to the outside of the PP bag;

3, the garments according to the requirements of the neckline facing the front, symmetrical, straight and flat and according to the size of the PP bag folded into the PP bag seal;

5. Packing (one batch inspection in the package):

1. Check whether the color, product name, specification, gross weight, volume, quantity, etc. of the right , side ; are correct;

2. Packing according to the quantity required by the outer box;

Sixth, the handling of quality problems:

1, such as wired hair, wire head directly picked up, cut off;

2, other quality problems to do the mark in the red defective basket returned to the sewing worker rework.