Quality Key Point for Aluminized

Before the aluminum plating, the machine must be operated for 1.5~2 hours. If the vacuum in the booster pump reaches -1, adjust the current of each electric collector and the initial tension of each running part;

Adjust the evaporation boat current and vacuum and aluminum plating in strict accordance with the aluminum plating operation procedure;

Strictly control the speed of aluminum plating;

Observe the brightness of the evaporating boat and the change of the wire feeding speed at any time, and adjust the instrument panel according to different situations;

After plating, leave the pump, air pump, 15 pump, and turn off other parts of the power supply, and then turn off all equipment after 1.5 (winter) ~ 2 (summer) hours.

The residue cleaning and dust sweeping work after aluminizing must be done thoroughly, otherwise it will affect the quality of the next aluminum plating product.