Pet reflective vest

Pet experts suggest that, in general, the owner should take the dog out to exercise two or three times a day, if necessary, at least once a day to ensure that the dog has sufficient exercise.

With pets bent, there are many benefits to the dog's physical and mental health. The full amount of exercise not only keeps the dog healthy, prevents the dog from becoming obese, prolongs their life, but also eliminates the dog's nervousness, depression and other emotions, keeping the dog's vitality and reaction agility. Also, it is worth mentioning that the dog will be more loyal to those who are diligent in taking him for a walk. Through walking, the owner's feelings with the dog will become deeper.

Night pets security risks

According to statistics, the surrounding areas of the car, the roads that need to be crossed, and the gardens with more exits are all dangerous areas that need to be taken care of when the dogs are walking. Due to the number of vehicles, dark lights, etc., in addition, pets generally do not have a strong sense of security, drivers are difficult to see their small figure at a long distance, so the puppy is easy to encounter when walking in the evening Some traffic accidents. In addition, when the owner walks the dog, the dog is easily driven by curiosity to some secluded cockroaches, especially some puppies, even turning a deaf ear to the owner's call, it is easy to lose. Anxious owners can find it very difficult to find them with low visibility.