Nir (Near Infrared Reflectance) Webbing

Product details 

Basic information 

Features: high toughness, low shrinkage, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, water resistance, Irr infrared reflective 

Material: 100% nylon 

Pattern: dyed product description anti-infrared ribbon has the function of resisting far infrared rays. Ribbons help you hide infrared telescopes at night. the reason is simple. The webbing detects infrared light and reflects it back. The webbing then becomes part of the surrounding environment. This is necessary for the soldiers. This webbing is now widely used in the Chinese military. The main products are military backpacks, gun belts and military belts. The color of the webbing is usually military green. It can also be made according to customer requirements. We can also make thermal transfer camouflage patterns.

This webbing has been tested by an authority. If you are interested, you can ask us.