Necessity of localization development of the reflective materials

China is a vast land, a large population, from market analysis, together with the Ministry of public security's new body reflection marking standards, require large trucks stuck on reflective logo, reflective of demand in a year more than tens of millions of square. Reflective material for civilian market is the greater, is immeasurable. However, for a long time, the reflective material market dominated by imported products, especially high intensity grade reflective film. Due to the reflective film with high technical content, imported products sold at high prices in China, gets a lot of profits. Large amount of foreign exchange expenditure, restricting the application of reflective film, which is a great contrast to the rapid development of the national economy, the development of our national economy, development of road traffic safety in particular was very negative. Therefore, localization of reflective products, breaking the monopoly of foreign products, import substitution, reduce the costs of reflective film applied to promote traffic safety engineering development, especially the development of underdeveloped areas in the Midwest transit safety engineering, is necessary. In fact, reflective film products in the field of transport an alternative security role has received attention of the whole society, much national attention, support and fostering of industrial policy.