Knowledge of PVC tape

There are two kinds of PVC tape: domestic and imported. The imported brands are 3M, Ruifei, Meilai, etc., but Meilai has gradually withdrawn from the market. If the tape has to pass environmental testing, it can only be imported products, because the tape The main material of the strip is made of PVC and contains harmful substances. Only imported can meet the environmental protection requirements and the EN1150 test. The tape is made of a 47*48cm lattice and a white substrate pressed by a high-frequency machine. There will be corresponding molds, such as a square-shaped mold with a square shape. Unconventional product patterns are required. To open the mold, the product to be opened requires an additional mold fee. The conventional tape is 16 wire + 15 wire lining. According to the customer's request, the corresponding thickness can be adjusted to meet the customer's requirements, but the customer must first confirm the sample; the general tape also has Cold-resistant requirements, but can not be used in cold weather in summer, some tropical countries in Asia also need products that are not cold-resistant. When the temperature is too high, the cold-resistant lattice will leak out a liquid, the texture is sticky, and it is easier to color shift. Speaking of this color shift, I want to emphasize that the biggest flaw of the tape is that it is easy to change color after a long time. When the tape is sewn on the clothes, the color of the fabric may move to the tape. It is also possible The color of the tape is moved to the top of the fabric, so we put a piece of paper in the middle of the fold when we make the reflective vest with the tape. The color shift problem has appeared in the domestic tapes, and the imported taeps have not appeared.