knowledge of micro glassbeads

Glass microbeads are a new type of silicate material, which refers to fine glass beads with a diameter ranging from a few mm to a few um. The chemical composition of the glass microspheres is different, and thus the refractive index is also different. The glass beads have a spherical shape, and the particles are fine, uniform, transparent and wear-resistant.

         The refracting phenomenon, which is also called retroreflective reflection, is generated by the refraction phenomenon of the illuminating light in the glass spheroid of a certain refractive index, and is used as a reflective material. Optically, the glass microsphere can be regarded as a very small spherical lens, and the incident light is focused in the glass bead ball lens, so that the back surface of the glass microbead can be reflected back along the incident direction along the incident direction. At the source, it is called directional reflection, or directional reflection. The optical quality of a glass bead for a traffic sign depends on its optical constant - the refractive index.

        By uniformly mixing a considerable amount of glass beads into a dedicated coating film layer, a high-brightness reflective road traffic sign can be produced, and when the vehicle's headlights illuminate the glass beads of the traffic sign, directional reflection occurs. Phenomenon, due to the considerable amount of glass beads, the concentrated amount of reflected light is increased, so that it has excellent reflective performance, especially when driving at night, the visibility of such traffic signs is better. Without the need for an external power supply, the safety and reliability of the user can be significantly improved, and the probability of accidents can be reduced.