introduction of reflective glass beads

Glass beads are developed in recent years, a wide range of uses, a special performance of a new type of material. The product is borosilicate raw materials from high-tech processing, particle size of 10-250 microns, wall thickness 1-2 microns. The product has the advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity, high strength, good chemical stability, etc. Its surface is specially treated with lipophilic and hydrophobic properties, which is very easy to disperse in the organic material system.

brief introduction:

Glass beads are used in the derusting of aerospace machinery, zebra crossing of urban traffic routes, night light reflections on double yellow lines, and night light reflections on traffic signs.

Component index:

Chemical composition: SiO2> 67%, CaO> 8.0% MgO> 2.5% Na2O <14%, Al2O3 0.5-2.0 Fe2O3> 0.15 Others 2.0%

2, the proportion: 2.4-2.6 grams / cubic centimeter

Appearance: smooth, round, transparent glass without impurities

Round rate: ≥ 85% or more

3, magnetic particles do not exceed 0.1% by weight of the product

4, glass beads in the body bubble content below 10%

5, does not contain any silicone components