Hi Index Reflective Heat Transfer Film

Basic information 

Model: JY301 

Material: PET

Color: Silver

Package: Carton

HS Code: 3920620000

Reflective Material Type: Hot Film 

Application: Apparel 

Original: Taizhou, China 

Product Description 

Reflective Pes Thermal Transfer Film


I. High reflection performance

II. Durable structure

III. Environmentally friendly


The reflective protective film consists of very small glass beads embedded in the polyester film layer to reflect almost all of the light that shines on them. The reflective surface is certified by SGS SATRA. The product can be hot pressed to most fabrics, including many temperature sensitive fabrics. Due to the different fabric properties, the test is carried out before use in production. Ideal for police, fire, traffic control, parking, utilities, roads, construction, transportation and security personnel sportswear, postal and newspaper delivery staff, they work in and around areas that require high visibility.

Description (PES)

1. Draw letters or marks on the protective paper and cut with scissors or a knife.

2. Place the reflective film on a fabric product such as clothes and bags, then cover the fabric with a cloth and iron with a hot iron at 150 degrees Celsius for 8 seconds. (Pay attention to keep the dry adhesive surface in contact with the fabric)

3. After ensuring that the fabric is completely cooled, remove the protective film from the fabric after confirming the fabric. Do not remove the protective film while the fabric is still warm.

4. The user should test in advance whether sufficient adhesion is obtained and the fabric is not damaged by heating.

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