guide to exhibitors of Canton Fair

Certificate information

1.A copy of the ID card must be able to clearly identify the portrait and handwriting.

Canton Fair Exhibition Hall

Canton Fair Exhibition Hall

2. Between the copy of the ID card and the letter of introduction, the trading group (or the plan drawing group) must be stamped with a clearly printed seal, otherwise it will not be accepted.

3. It is necessary to use a photo to provide a special color photo of the certificate for the on-site application or by scanning the document. Do not use photos printed on plain paper. The facial features of the special color photo of the document must be clear, and the head should account for 2/3 of the photo.

4. The special color photo of the certificate for the exhibition permit and the dismantling certificate is two inches (40mm × 50mm) on the blue bottom. 5, the use of photo anti-counterfeiting technology, so the photo of the over-raising and dismantling of the exhibition permit can not be reused.

Preparatory Work

1. Collect the actual samples. Collect the typical samples in the factory and remember to bring a digital camera. The sample is not much, but refinement. You must take a photo of a sample that cannot be taken. To sort and number the samples, calculate the supply price.

2. Create a product file Import the product images taken by the digital camera into the database in batches. Import images in batches can automatically create product files by number, and automatically complete image cropping and zooming. Then, look at the picture to supplement the other detailed description of the product, enter the source price. This will create a product database within a week or two.

3. Make sample barcodes Batch-produce barcode labels of all samples and print them on self-adhesive paper. Cut each numbered sample barcode label and attach it to the relevant sample. Do this step well, you can directly input the computer code with the physical object when you quote the site, which greatly improves the work efficiency. Otherwise, you should manually find and enter the item number, slow!

4, animated display samples On the trade fair stand, the most prominent position of the computer's large screen, with a rich animation effect automatically display all the beautiful product pictures.

5, fast scan quotes What samples do customers like, use your barcode scanner (not expensive) to scan into the computer one by one. Just enter how much you want to earn, and a button will accurately calculate the dollar quote.

6, the formal quotation documents Three or five minutes to calculate the price, you can print the quotation in the formal format, there are a variety of formats. Have your company's logo, detailed contact information, price conditions, unit price, etc. all on one piece of paper, clear and clear. With a color inkjet printer, a quotation with clear pictures can be presented to the guests.

7. Immediately sign the transaction. If you are lucky, the customer will place an order immediately. Don't worry when you are happy. Turn that quotation into an order and fill in the negotiated terms of the transaction. With the correct check, you can print a formal export contract or sales confirmation, so that the guest can sign it.

8. Going home to prepare for shipment. Import those customer information, quotations, and orders into the company's business database. Arrange for the people to prepare for purchase, make invoices, arrange consignments, insurance and customs declaration.