Factory Wholesale Retro Reflective Glassbeads for Reflective Fabric

Basic Information 

Material: Glassbeads

Color: White 

Specification: 25kgs / drum

HS Code: 7018200090

Reflective Material Type: Glass Bead 

Application: Apparel, Silk Coatings 

Original: Taizhou, China. 

Product description advantages:

I. High reflective performance

II. Environmentally friendly, does not contain eight heavy metals

III. Strict screening


Glass beads provide reflective index in products such as traffic paints, logos, fabrics and tapes. All glass beads are made from selected raw materials. Increased brightness is achieved by using microglass beads embedded in these backside materials. When millions of reflective spheres are embedded in the backing material, they illuminate brightly under the headlights, making the fabric or logo more noticeable than normal. Dimensions can be customized to your requirements or our experienced proportions.


Cardboard drum (1.98±0.05kg, height: 260±2mm, outer diameter: 250±2mm), no deformation at room temperature.

Transparent PE bag: 460mm * 600mm

Desiccant: 10 g / barrel

Delivery: 3 days 


1. Excellent R&D and production capacity

2. A number of patented technologies and know-how

3. The quality of each process is controlled in our factory

4. Take care of the environment

5. Reliable after sales service

6. Mass production