exhibition description

Dusseldorf, Germany International \ Industrial Safety and Health Exhibition is one of Germany's five largest exhibition group Dusseldorf Exhibition Co., Ltd. was founded in 1954, every two years. After more than half a century of development, the exhibition has become the world's personal protection and occupational health and safety of large-scale, strong radiation professional exhibition. Laborers and security products manufacturers from all over the world are demonstrating the industry's new technologies, products, solutions and innovative concepts. Specific exhibits include individual protective equipment (protective clothing, tooling shoes, overalls, etc.), safe transmission devices in working environments , Hardware and software equipment for noise protection, fire protection equipment, radiation protection equipment, electric shock protection equipment and industrial safety products in high-risk environments. In 2013, in order to meet the development trend of the market and the demand for safe production of the enterprise, the exhibition also gave birth to the brand-new theme of "special equipment for disaster management" in the traditional three themes of "personal safety, occupational health and corporate safety" Demonstration of technologies and equipment closely related to disaster prevention and relief, such as emergency medicine, technical rescue, basic protection, purification technology, control and communication technology, will make the exhibition more comprehensive and connotative.

For us, we also attended the exhibition last year and maybe next.