Current situation of 3M

3M Company (formerly known as the Minnesota Mining andManufacturing Company) is part of the U.S. dow Jones industrial component index. It is a world-renowned company with global sales (2013) of $30.8 billion and overseas sales of $19.7 billion (64% of the total).

3M offers diversified and high-quality products and services to customers in nearly 200 countries around the world. 3M operates in more than 70 countries worldwide, has factories in 38 countries and has laboratories in 35 countries.

3M is a world-renowned multinational corporation with diversified products. Known for innovation and product variety, more than 60,000 high quality products have been developed in its 100-year history. Over the past century, 3M products have been deeply involved in people's life, covering various fields, including industry, chemical engineering, electronics, electrical, communications, transportation, automobile, aviation, medical care, safety, architecture, cultural and educational office, business and household consumer goods, which have greatly changed people's life and work style. In the modern world, 50 percent of the world's people have direct or indirect access to 3M products every day.