Columbia International Textile Fabrics and Apparel Expo


Exhibition time: January 22-24, 2019

Venue: Medellin, Colombia

Holding period: one year

Organizer: Inexmoda

Exclusive agent in China: Ruiyingda International Exhibition Group

Exhibition overview

Exhibition features:

As one of the largest and long-established industry fairs in South America, Colombiatex has been around for 30 years. It is hosted by the Colombian Apparel Export Association (Inexmoda) and its influence has covered the entire South American region. As a platform for entering the Colombian and South American markets, Colombiatex is an ideal arena for industry companies to launch new products and technologies. It is an excellent place to introduce, promote and promote products and services to apparel and related industry professionals. CNENA

Exhibition scope

exhibition criteria:

Spinning machinery, knitting machinery, weaving machinery, post-dyeing machinery, non-woven machinery, chemical fiber machinery, etc.

Sewing system, pre-shrinking equipment, fabric cutting equipment, sewing equipment, embroidery equipment, laser engraving equipment, ironing equipment

Fiber yarn: cotton, silk, wool, hemp, spandex, tencel, polyester, polyester, acetate, nylon, polyester

Accessories: woven, knitted, denim, polyester, microfiber, velvet, buttons, zippers, labels, shoulder pads

Dye chemical: textile dyes, chemicals, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, etc.;