3M reflective material

The 3M reflective material series is made based on the principle of cube regression and reflection formed by high-refractive glass beads or the cube-corner retroreflection principle of micro-lattice formed by transparent resin. It can reflect light back to its light source and produce excellent results. The reflective effect enhances the visibility of the human body at night with poor line of sight or critical mirror conditions, enhancing safety and avoiding accidents. They are used in a wide range of applications, such as the police in many countries, the uniforms of sanitation workers and firefighters, and the use of various sportswear, shoes and children's clothing.

    3M reflective material reflective fabric designed for use in safety apparel as well as sports and casual wear. When properly used, under the illumination of a light source, such as a car headlight, 3M Vision Reflective material can reflect the light from the light source back to the light source and reach the driver's eyes, thus improving the wearer's visibility at night and in dim conditions. Sex. Fluorescent fabrics can also be used to improve visibility during daytime and dim conditions.