2019 Middle East (Dubai) International Textile, Apparel and Home Textiles Exhibition

Exhibition time: April 2-4, 2019

Venue: Dubai World Trade Exhibition Center

Exhibition cycle: two times a year

Agent in China: Shanghai Chasing Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

exhibition criteria

1. Fabric: hemp cotton silk chemical fiber woven wool woven knit coated fabric printed fabric functional fabric composite fabric lace embroidery stretch fabric;

2. Accessories: buttons, zippers, trademarks, reflective materials, embroidery, lace, embroidery, lining, lining, shoulder pads, hangers, hangers;

3. Apparel: Men's wear series: formal wear business casual wear sports casual wear leather garments; women's wear series: fashion women's wear, suits, casual women's wear, ladies' wear; business wear series: student wear, various professional wear; children's wear: children's clothing, infant clothing;

4. Home Textiles: Bedding Curtains Sand Release Decorative Cloth Carpets Kitchen and Bathroom Textiles;

5.Textile and garment machinery; printing machine, embroidery machine, sewing machine, big round machine, flat knitting machine, etc.

Exhibition Introduction

The UAE will become the world's leading re-export center for high-end textiles and apparel. The exhibition is held twice a year and is held in the port city of Dubai. The 2016 Dubai Textile Expo attracted more than 200 textile manufacturers and designers from China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Italy and other countries to participate.

Market Overview 

Light goods, textiles, clothing, and other consumer goods in the Arab countries of the Middle East are basically dependent on imports. Not only that, more than 80% of the goods to and from the Middle East will be transferred to most parts of Africa, with a population of 1.3 billion. As an important re-export market, the UAE exports about $120 billion annually to Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern and African countries.  China's products are very popular in the Middle East, and a large number of Chinese companies have gradually entered the UAE textile and apparel market, and have achieved good results.

As we all know, the European and American markets are currently the most developed and mature markets in the world, but at the same time, they are also markets where commodities are saturated and highly competitive, coupled with the economic weakness, market downturn, high tariffs and various trade barriers faced by the post-financial era. The restrictions, etc., make it difficult for latecomers or small and medium-sized enterprises and products to enter. However, the emerging markets are special in the Middle East and Africa market as a dark horse, becoming a hot market with good business opportunities and good prospects.

And the UAE:  1. Excellent location: UAE is located in the world shipping center, and transports quickly between Asia, Africa and Europe. From Dubai, it takes 8 hours to reach a place where 2/3 of the world's population lives. 

2. Rapid population growth: The UAE has a population growth rate of 6.9%. It is the fastest growing country in the world. The world population has doubled in 55 years, while the UAE population has doubled in 8.7 years and now exceeds 8.2 million.

3. The oil economy is stable: the UAE has the third largest oil reserves in the world, second only to Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The government uses oil revenues for infrastructure construction, improving the business environment and turning it into a World Trade Center.

4. Abu Dhabi, the capital city, and Dubai, the largest commercial city in the UAE, complement each other and make the entire UAE industry vibrant and progressive.

Overview of the exhibition: The IATF is the only professional textile exhibition in the Middle East. Although it started late, the IATF is developing rapidly, and its scale and influence have risen sharply year by year. From the first few companies, to more than 200 exhibitors from more than 20 countries around the world, the enthusiastic participation of nearly 10,000 professional visitors has made the organizers more confident to make the IATF the largest in the Middle East. The most influential professional textile exhibition. The IATF welcomes the enthusiastic participation of Chinese suppliers.