Flame Retardant Cloth

Flame Retardant Cloth
Product Details

1.About flame retardant reflective cloth

 The flame-retardant reflective cloth comprises a flame-retardant cloth base layer, characterized in that the flame-retardant cloth base layer is covered with an adhesive layer, an aluminum reflective layer and a high-refractive-index glass microbead layer from bottom to top, wherein each glass microsphere has a partial sphere embedded therein. Inside the aluminum reflective layer.

2.Product Information

Item name: Flame Retardant Cloth
Art. NO.: JY502
Wide:  50mm (2")
Color: fluorescent yellow or orange
Backing  material: aramid/ 100% cotton
Reflective coefficient: > 400cd
Home Washing:  50 cycles at 60 degress Celsius
Machine wash is ok, but avoid bleach if possible.
Excellent silver reflective properties, Safety warning make your life more safety.
Can be sewing onto firefighter's uniform and workwear 

3.Use of flame retardant cloth

 The garments made of flame-retardant reflective fabrics have striking reverse retroreflective properties when exposed to low light in low visibility. When used as a fire service or a immersion suit, as long as there is a weak light, the search target can be found, which is beneficial to the firefighters or the ambulance personnel wearing the immersion suit.

4.Indicator description and requirements

Indicator description
Extended combustion: refers to the phenomenon that the material continues to burn after the fire has left the fire source.
Smoldering: refers to the phenomenon that after the material leaves the fire source, there is no flame and it burns slowly.
Droplet: refers to the phenomenon that the material melts or drip during the ignition process.
Arc: A phenomenon of gas discharge, the instantaneous spark generated by current passing through certain insulating media.
1. Meet the index of EN533. 3: Perform horizontal combustion according to EN532. After the test sample is ignited, the flame cannot be burned and spread to the bottom end and the top of the sample or the vertical edge of the fabric; there must be no burning debris (melts) from Falling on the cloth; after removing the flame and stopping the combustion, the smoldering should not extend from the carbonized area on the fabric to the unbroken area on the fabric; no holes are produced;
The ignition delay of any of the six test specimens shall not exceed 2 seconds.
Washing requirements before testing:
A. Wash at 12°C for 12 times (according to the industrial washing method according to EN ISO 10528); it can also be washed 5 times according to customer's requirements before testing.
B. Soak the sample in water (BS 5651:1978), then dry clean 5 times according to the requirements of ISO 3175, and then test.
This method is applicable to chemical fiber, cotton and blended fabrics.
2. Meet ASTM1506: Before washing or dry cleaning, perform vertical burning according to D6413, the maximum burning time is 2 seconds; after 25 times of washing or dry cleaning, perform vertical burning according to D6413, the maximum burning time is 2 seconds; arc test result The longest lasting time is 5 seconds and tested in accordance with ASTM 1959.
Washing method: Fabrics suitable for washing should be washed 25 times with the American Textile Association method AATCC 135.
3, to meet the NFPA1971 multi-layer structure fire service standards. The thermal protection performance of the whole protective clothing TPP value can not be lower than 35 (cal / cm2); the whole piece of clothing for penetration test, no liquid leakage; clothing shell, lining, life-saving equipment and other components through vertical burning, the average carbon loss length Can not exceed 100mm, the average flame retarding time can not exceed 2 seconds, and there can be no droplets.

5.working principle

The reflective part of the flame-retardant reflective cloth is made by using the high refractive index glass bead refraction principle and advanced processing by focusing after processing. It reflects far-reaching light back into the glow, providing good retroreflective optics both day and night. Especially at night, you can enjoy high visibility like the daytime. Safety suits made from this high-visibility flame-retardant reflective fabric can be easily found by other rescuers, whether they are in the distance or in the presence of light or scattered light.

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